Syrian Refugees

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Still in shock, Fatma Um Mahmoud and her family had just arrived in Azaz Camp, fleeing Aleppo after what they believe was a scud missile that hit very near their neighborhood the day before, at Azaz Camp, just inside the Syrian border with Turkey, Feb. 24, 2013. Um Mahmoud said they bid farewell to their friends, and learned of yet another scud missile attack in the same area, which they believe killed many of their friends and neighbors. The family wants to go to Turkey, but there is no more room at the Turkish refugee camp on the other side of the border, so they must wait for a place. According to administrators, this camp holds roughly 9,000 to 10,000 internally displaced persons (IDP's). Two meals per day are provided by a Turkish humanitarian organization, and Qatar Red Crescent provided tents. There is very little electricity, and no running water. There is also a refugee camp on the Turkish side of the border, but it is full. The UN Refugee Agency has reported a sharp increase in refugees fleeing Syria for neighboring countries in the first months of 2013.