Hospital on the Edge

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Nassir Ahmad, 8, lies in the emergency ward at Mirwais Hospital in Kandahar, Afghanistan, Saturday morning, Apr. 18, 2009. Two people were killed and five more were injured when a bomb detonated just outside the hospital, as a police vehicle went by. Afghan police said the explosion was set off by a suicide bomber. Ahmad was on an errand to buy tablets for his mullah at a nearby pharmacy when he was hit by shrapnel from the bomb blast. Despite worsening security, development continues at Mirwais Hosptial, where the International Committe of the Red Cross conducts training and assists the local staff. Mirwais is the main public hosptial serving five southern provinces. As security has deteriorated in the South, many international NGO's have pulled their staff from the area or shut down the regional office, stunting development in a region where it is badly needed.